At Zeon we encourage the “What ifs?” and the “Why nots?” That’s how we push the boundaries of design and help our client’s brands truly stand out. Setting new standards in creative execution is a daily goal.

Our imaginative use of LEDs can take many forms. Whether in concert with unique materials, such as eco-friendly, reclaimed and sustainable woods and metals, or other cutting edge technologies, Zeon LED designs continue to set new industry marks in design and construction.

Many of our concepts are “Hybrid” designs that combine overseas and domestic manufactured components that are assembled in Colorado. This forward design, and manufacturing, thinking allows Zeon to take the core elements of our client’s identity and incorporate them into each design.

Let Zeon get to know your brand to create a unique sign that embodies your brand’s individuality.
Come see what your brand can be in our world of LEDs!


For more information contact sales@zeon.com