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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Your name is Zeon, so do you only make neon signs?
A: While we started the company building neon signs, we now offer many types of point-of-purchase marketing products, including illuminated and non-illuminated signage, displays, tap handles, custom marketing products and more! View our Gallery to see the variety of products we’ve done for past clients.

Q: Are your signs only for companies, or can I buy one for my bedroom?
A: While we are happy to accommodate most requests, we typically work with companies ordering multiple quantities of a product. This is because they can get a much better per-unit price with a larger order quantity. However, we are not a Gimbels! For small, one-off projects we recommend using signsearch.com.

Q: How much do your products cost? Why aren’t there any prices listed?
A: All products are custom made to fit the needs and uniqueness of each brand. Therefore, the price of product is as unique as the company. Factors that determine price include materials used, size, design, quantity, and time frame. Our team will work with you to get the most effective, brand-building solution within your price range.

Q: Can I buy signs from your Gallery?
A: Our Gallery images exist only to show what types of projects we’ve done and are not for sale from us. We suggest contacting the brand you are excited about to see if they are offering them for sale!

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