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As an industry leader and innovator, Zeon takes great pride in our commitment to being exceptional environmental stewards.

As a responsible member of the business community, it is our goal to leave the environment better than we found it.

As a manufacturer, we consider it our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of all our manufacturing processes.

As an environmentally conscious company, our entire organization shares this philosophy and commitment to green, sustainable practices.

From our use of eco-friendly and reclaimed woods – such as Colorado Beetle Kill Pine and Wyoming Snow Fence – to the way we incorporate recycled and sustainable materials into our custom designed signs, displays, and branded products, we support and enhance the green philosophy and objectives shared by Zeon and our clients.

In addition to our efforts to ensure the highest environmental standards, we work closely with all our clients, suppliers, business partners, and vendors to ensure that we maintain the principles and integrity of our commitment to the environment.

Reuse, Reclaim and Recycle!


Let us design a signature look that will stand out above the competition.
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