We’re all about


who we are

Our experience (since 1980) gives us an edge. We know what it takes to STAND OUT where it matters the most, at the point of purchase.

We ensure that your customer ‘gets’ you from the beginning, and chooses your product, over any other.

All because you STAND OUT

What We Do

We design and produce
bright signs, bold displays, and everything in-between.
But it’s our ability to bring your brand to life and drive purchasing power that sets us from the rest.

We Create Possibilities

For unlimited sales potential, endless reach, and boundless awareness.


Get It Done


Our passion for driving customer engagement comes in many forms – from STAND OUT signs to STAND OUT displays and everything in-between.   We take pride in delivering a top-shelf brand experience with every product we make, regardless of form factor.

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We’ve got you covered from start to finish

Once the products are built, we’re here to warehouse it and/or ship it… to as many locations as it needs to go… whenever it needs to get there.

We make your life easy.

We cultivate through


how we do it

The passion that you infuse into your brand serves as the foundation and inspiration for everything we do. Our advanced design team creates custom brand experiences that channel your brands’ personality.

We visually bring your brand to life and drive purchasing power

And don’t worry, although the connections we make are instant, our impact is long-lasting and meaningful.

We are a Team

that exceeds expectation

We’re a team of adventurous creatives in Colorado; passionate about branding, design, production, and hangin’ with our four-legged friends.

Who We Work with

our partners

We’ve been around for a while, and what’s kept us going are the brands that we work with.  From all walks of life, industries and stages; we’re here for you.  And to top it off – our process is simple.

Your product deserves results, and it’s time to STAND OUT, so let us do the leg-work.

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Here are just some of the things our clients have to say about us and our work:

The crew at Zeon is top notch. The craft beer world is crowded, and these guys know what’s up. They worked with us to design LED signs and tackers that really hit home. Bar managers had them up in no time, and our sales are up big-time.- Jake L.
We never expected this process to be fun or easy, but were blown-away on both fronts. The designs they proposed were incredible.. It was hard to choose between them, and when we did, the first prototype was spot-on. Since then, we’ve made a ton of custom products from tap handles to chalk boards. Hooking our customers up with Zeon products is always a first order of business.. And one that gets our meetings off the the right start!- Bern T.
We’ve been crafting beer for over 10 years, and have worked with 3-4 different sign companies… but we always circle back to Zeon. They get it, and they get us. Not only is the product incredible, but the quality is solid… we never, ever, get maintenance calls. This saves time on our end for doing stuff that we love to do….like Making beer.- Aaron S.
We’re a local, independent ice cream shop. I honestly didn’t think too much about open signs until it was clear that we really needed one! The team at Zeon came up with three incredible options that really communicated our brand and offering. Now it serves as a magnet, attracting customers daily.- Vivienne L.
As an international freight and logistics company, we needed to partner with a sign producer that could not only create an impactful, high-quality product; but handle our logistics demands of getting it shipped and placed at thousands of locations. Zeon did not disappoint. In fact, their partnership has been essential to our retail success and their expertise has been invaluable.- Randy P.
Our investment in Zeon and the signs and displays they’ve built for us continue to pay for themselves time and time again. The design process is super easy, and super fast. Plus they worked within our budget to get us the best quality product at the qty’s we needed. And the best part is that the signs really drive sales… immediately.- Chase S.


where we come from

Back in 1980 there was was a lack of innovation and artistry within the sign industry – everything was the same, and nothing stood out. We saw this as an opportunity to approach things differently, create products that STAND OUT and capture customer attention.

One of our earliest innovations was our trademark “Zeon” sign, a unique hybrid design that incorporated a horizontal grid of neon within a Light Box format. Since then we have made it our mission to help brands STAND OUT by developing innovative and imaginative signs and displays that truly communicate brand essence, foster brand experience, and drive sales.

Our capabilities are broad, and our experience is extensive. As industry leaders, we are committed to creating possibilities for your brand, and will continue to push the limits in design and technology to create the most impactful products out there.

Based in Colorado, we take pride in producing our products both locally in our factory, and in collaboration with overseas partners. The quality of our products can be trusted, and our service is unmatched.